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Malta Unity Association


The Soul purpose of the Malta Unity association is to be a central ‘hub’ for establishing Unity in Diversity in Malta.


The Organisation has the following objectives:
-To raise awareness about unity in diversity;
-To integrate unity and communication between diverse groups and organizations;
-To provide information, facilitate support and encourage cooperation;
-To promote a way of living that supports and serves well-being of human beings,
animals, nature and the environment;
-To raise funds by means of subscription of members and donations or otherwise
for all the purposes and objectives of the Organisation in such amounts and in
such manner as may be authorized by the Chair Council;
-To seek and promote, on a national level, the participation of the Organisation;
-To promote and present the interests of the Organisation’s members to the notice
of local administration and authorities, international Organisations and other
-To associate with any national/international Organisation/s whose aims are similar
to that of the Organisation;